Accelerated orthodontics is a revolutionary approach that aims to expedite the process of teeth straightening and achieve remarkable results in a significantly shorter timeframe compared to traditional orthodontic methods. This cutting-edge technique utilizes advanced technology, specialized braces or aligners to accelerate the movement of teeth, reducing the overall treatment time.
The primary goal of accelerated orthodontics is to provide you with a more efficient and convenient orthodontic experience without compromising the quality of care. By incorporating innovative methods, such as high-frequency vibrations, micro-osteoperforations or advanced aligner systems, we can stimulate bone remodeling and encourage faster tooth movement.

One of the most significant advantages of accelerated orthodontics is reduced treatment duration, allowing you to achieve their desired smiles in a matter of months rather than years. This not only provides a boost in confidence faster but also translates to fewer visits to our office, minimizing disruptions to daily life.

At Brown-Saito Orthodontics, we are proud to offer accelerated orthodontic in Vancouver, Washington, to our patients, ensuring they experience the life-changing benefits of a beautifully aligned smile in the shortest time possible. Our experienced orthodontists, Dr. Traci Saito and Dr. Constance Brown, will carefully assess your unique dental needs and craft a personalized accelerated treatment plan tailored to achieve the smile of your dreams. Do not wait to embark on your journey to a confident, radiant smile — schedule a consultation with us today at 360-256-7220!

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