Gapped Teeth Might Be Minimized by Braces

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A child’s mouth can expand rapidly to accommodate the 32 permanent teeth that replace their 20 primary teeth. In some of these instances the change in available space in their oral structure can sometimes cause two teeth to emerge with significant space between them.

Left unaddressed the diastema could cause the teeth to drift out of alignment, which could lead to an increased risk of dental fractures and chronic problems with dental attrition. Many adolescents with gapped teeth also feel self-conscious about their smile’s appearance.

In many of these cases our Orthodontist can often reduce the spacing between the teeth and prevent further alignment issues by installing traditional braces.

Once the orthodontic components have been installed in your child’s mouth, you will need to bring them back to Brown-Saito Orthodontics for periodic adjustment appointments. Each of these sessions will tighten the braces to help minimize the gap and prevent them from drifting drastically out of alignment.

If necessary, our Orthodontist might recommend more advanced treatments to address any other alignment issues that develop with your child’s permanent teeth.

If you are in the Vancouver and Camas, Washington, area and your child has a significant space between two more of their teeth, you should call 360-256-7220 to set up a consultation appointment at Brown-Saito Orthodontics.