Your Child’s Teeth Don’t Have to Feel Crowded

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If your child’s teeth were people, would they feel claustrophobic? In other words, does your child have crowded teeth?

As your child’s primary teeth give way to their 32 adult teeth, two or more teeth can erupt from the gums too close together. These teeth can also adopt an unhealthy angle. Just like people stuck in tight spaces may not get enough air and risk infection, your son or daughter’s teeth risk dental attrition and other issues.

Fortunately, there is solution. Dr. Constance Brown can install braces in your child’s mouth at her orthodontic clinic. Then every four to six weeks we will bring them back to have their braces adjusted and tightened. This will steadily stretch the periodontal ligaments anchoring each tooth in its socket. Over time, the overcrowded teeth will adopt their new positions.

After their teeth have been corrected, the braces can be removed. However, they will still need to wear a retainer to help the new position to be maintained in the long term. If the crowding issue is significant and on the lower arch, your child may need a permanent fixed retainer to ensure that their mouth does not regress.

If you live in the Vancouver, Washington, area and your son or daughter is struggling with an overcrowding issue, you can call 360-256-7220 to schedule a braces consultation at Brown-Saito Orthodontics.