What Braces Can I Use to Align My Teeth?

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Orthodontic treatment is a great tool that can help you achieve the smile you have always desired. Because of the wonderful advancements in orthodontic technology, there are many different ways you can align your teeth and achieve your smile goals. To tell you a little more, our orthodontist, Dr. Constance Brown, is happy to give you some details about a few of the treatments available.

The most commonly used treatment is metal braces. This appliance is made of metal wires, metal brackets, and colorful little bands. The metal brackets are cemented to the front surfaces of your teeth and are connected by the wire. You can beautify the appliance however you would like by choosing different-colored bands.

Another option is ceramic braces. Ceramic braces are like metal braces but they aren’t as noticeable. This is because the brackets and wires are matched to the color of your teeth. This helps the appliance quietly align the smile.

A third option is lingual braces. Lingual braces are also like traditional braces, but instead of aligning the teeth from the outside, they align the teeth from the inside. In other words, the brackets are cemented to the back surfaces of the teeth where they apply pressure and change the smile. This makes it so no one has to know you are aligning your chompers.

You also have other options, like clear aligners, self-litigating braces, and fast braces. When it comes to treatment, some are meant for more severe misalignments while others are means for minor misalignments. When choosing your appliance, please let your orthodontist help you choose the treatment that’s right for you.

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