The Tips You Need to Avoid Forgetting About Your Orthodontic Adjustment Appointment

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When you forget about your orthodontic adjustment appointment, then your orthodontic journey is affected, your perfect smile is delayed, and our orthodontic team is inconvenienced. So, it’s better to just remember to attend your appointments. However, we understand this might be a difficult task. So, to help you, our orthodontist, Dr. Constance Brown, has some tips for you. Those tips are:

-Set an alarm on your phone: Just enter the event into the calendar on your phone. As you do so, make sure it reminds you about an hour or even a day before your appointment. While you’re at it, add the event to your calendar at home or make a sticky note for yourself and put it in a place that you’ll see it often.

-Set an alarm on your mom or dad’s phone: If your parents remember your appointment, you will remember your appointment. This is because your parents will likely remind you when the event pops up on their phone. So, don’t forget to schedule it into their phone calendar as well as your own.

-Schedule the appointment for a time when you’re not busy: It’s tough to remember your appointment when your mind is preoccupied with a million other things. So, try to schedule your appointment at a time that is less busy and less stressful.

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