The Importance of a Teenage Smile

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With the bevy of responsibilities that teenagers are bombarded with in their young age, it is easy to see how their oral health care can get lost in the mix. Unfortunately, it also happens to be one of the most important stages of development for their teeth, as the last of the permanent teeth, the wisdom teeth break above the gumline. If their oral health habits fail them now, it can potentially lead them down a negative path to dental failure that will plague them for the rest of their life.

In order to ensure your smile lasts as long as you do, you must take extra care of your teeth during your teenage years. Compounding this issue is the prevalence of peer pressure and its effect on your health. Avoid common peer pressure traps such as wearing mouth jewelry, which can seriously damage your teeth and gums. Also, do not partake in using drugs or smoking or chewing tobacco, as they can all have serious consequences on your oral and overall health.

Contact sports remain a key factor in oral accidents among teens. Always protect your smile by wearing the appropriate safety gear and equipment, including mouth guards, face masks, and headgear. Although the allure of participating in high-risk sports such as skateboarding without a mouth guard may seem like the cool thing to do, it may end up costing you a few of your teeth, so stay safe with safety gear.

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