Orthodontic Tools to Make Cleaning Your Braces Easier

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Your braces serve any important purpose in realigning your teeth so that you have healthier tooth alignment and a more attractive smile. It’s important to support your braces with proper care and cleaning, and we can recommend orthodontic tools that make the process simple.

Dr. Constance Brown and our team fully understand that there are many components to your braces, and it’s not always easy to clean around the wires and other hardware in order to have a healthy mouth. You are welcome to speak with our orthodontist for a recommendation on effective dental hygiene tools if you are concerned about properly cleaning your braces.

For example, flossing between teeth and along your gum line when you have braces can introduce a lot of complications, but a floss threader can make this process much easier. A floss threader is a tool in the shape of a loop that is loaded with floss to make navigating the areas around your wires and brackets much less complex. Floss threaders use waxed dental floss to help them access any tight spaces around the teeth.

You may find that using an interdental brush makes it a lot easier to clean your teeth. The small brush heads attached to these tools are angled for the purpose for cleaning around your brackets and wires and the areas where the teeth meet the gums, removing the food particles that accumulate in these areas. An interdental brush is especially helpful in removing small bits of food from the spacers and bands.

To rinse your mouth, you can use a dental water jet that loosens and removes food particles by producing a concentrated water stream you can aim at different parts of your smile. Keep in mind, though, that you shouldn’t use this tool in places of flossing with dental floss.

If you have further questions about the orthodontic tools you can use to care for your braces in the Camas, Washington, area, we invite you to contact Brown Orthodontics at 360-256-7220 today!