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Braces at a Young Age

Getting braces at a younger age has proved most effective in preventing dental problems in the future. Permanent teeth start to typically come in about the ages of six to eight, and because the bones are still growing, it’s best to evaluate their tooth alignment at a young age to... Read more »

Orthodontic Tools to Make Cleaning Your Braces Easier

Your braces serve any important purpose in realigning your teeth so that you have healthier tooth alignment and a more attractive smile. It’s important to support your braces with proper care and cleaning, and we can recommend orthodontic tools that make the process simple. Dr. Constance Brown and our team... Read more »

Gapped Teeth Might Be Minimized by Braces

A child’s mouth can expand rapidly to accommodate the 32 permanent teeth that replace their 20 primary teeth. In some of these instances the change in available space in their oral structure can sometimes cause two teeth to emerge with significant space between them. Left unaddressed the diastema could cause... Read more »

Tips on How to Care for Your Retainer

Do you want to maintain a strong, healthy and beautiful smile? If so, you need to clean and care for your orthodontic retainer. Our orthodontist, Dr. Constance Brown, recommends doing so because your retainer can keep your teeth in their proper positions. So, if you want to keep your retainer... Read more »

Got Braces? Here Are Your Oral Hygiene Rules

Braces are handy appliances that can shift and move your teeth to give you the smile of your dreams. However, even though braces are a top-of-the-line appliance, it can’t take care of itself. In fact, if you don’t properly care for your teeth, gums and braces during your orthodontic journey,... Read more »

Orthodontics: How to Have a Good Easter With Your Aligners

Our orthodontist, Dr. Constance Brown, wants you to have a fun and successful Easter holiday this year filled with entertaining Easter egg hunts, delicious treats and wonderful family time. In order to have the best Easter possible, you need to keep your orthodontic aligners in mind. That way you don’t... Read more »

Enjoyable Foods and Braces

Braces do restrict us from eating certain foods, but that perhaps gets too much publicity. Granted, you still need to obey the restrictions in order to get the full benefits of braces, but there are some delicious and healthy things you can eat without much worry. Things that are cautioned... Read more »

Why Choose Invisalign® Now

We all know someone who currently has braces or has undergone orthodontic treatment. However, few of them are adults. Many people assume that wearing braces is something that happen only during the teenage years, but with the evolution of clear braces, it is never too late to choose orthodontic treatment... Read more »

The Tips You Need to Avoid Forgetting About Your Orthodontic Adjustment Appointment

When you forget about your orthodontic adjustment appointment, then your orthodontic journey is affected, your perfect smile is delayed, and our orthodontic team is inconvenienced. So, it’s better to just remember to attend your appointments. However, we understand this might be a difficult task. So, to help you, our orthodontist,... Read more »

Invisalign® Can Help Address Minor Misalignments With Your Teeth

Misaligned teeth can do more than leave you feeling self-conscious about the appearance of your smile. Over time, the unhealthy relationship between multiple teeth in your bite pattern can also leave you at an increased risk of suffering from chipped tooth enamel, multiple dental fractures, and possible complications from dental... Read more »