LightForce Braces

One of the many options we offer at Brown-Saito Orthodontics for customizing your orthodontic treatment is with LightForce technology in Vancouver, Washington. These 3D-printed braces are recommended to adult and teen patients alike and are custom designed to fit your mouth perfectly for a more efficient, discreet and comfortable treatment. Want to know if LightForce braces are the right choice for you or your child? Call our office at 360-256-7220 to schedule your visit with Dr. Traci Saito or Dr. Constance Brown and learn more.

One Size Fits One™

Unlike many orthodontic procedures, every step of your LightForce treatment plan is designed with your unique tooth shape, jawline and facial structure in mind, all the way down to your custom-made, 3D-printed brackets. The fully integrated digital platform also allows our orthodontists to accurately monitor your orthodontic progress, resulting in a more efficient and faster treatment. You can spend less time at our office and more time doing the things you love!

Benefits of LightForce include:

  • Efficient Treatment — These braces are fit exactly to each tooth for a more efficient treatment process.
  • Beautiful Results — Advanced bracket technology and digital treatment planning result in an ideal end product.
  • Comfortable Fit — Digital scanning lends itself to perfectly-fitting braces.