Enjoyable Foods and Braces

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Braces do restrict us from eating certain foods, but that perhaps gets too much publicity. Granted, you still need to obey the restrictions in order to get the full benefits of braces, but there are some delicious and healthy things you can eat without much worry.

Things that are cautioned against are chewy, sticky or just plain hard. Softer foods will keep the braces safe, and here are a few.

If you like meat, you will want pick more tender options. For just a couple of examples of tender meats, meatloaf and baked chicken, minus any breading, can be tasty and harmless options for your braces.

Another good source of protein is eggs. They have the right level of softness for your braces, even if you prefer them hard-boiled.

You will also have plenty of fruits and vegetables to choose from. Particularly soft fruits like mangoes, bananas, melons, oranges and peaches are some nice go-tos. If you like carrots, broccoli and cauliflower, understand that eating them raw can endanger your braces, but steaming them makes them nice and soft.

You cannot forget your carbohydrates, and soft breads, mashed potatoes and pastas can give you just that. Pancakes are considered soft bread in this case, so if you like pancakes, you can still enjoy them.

Soups and smoothies can add a little variety too. Smoothies allow you to throw in vegetables, fruits and milk for a nutritious snack. Soups can be simple to eat, but ordering one with lots of vegetables will probably be better for you. If you are fond of tomato or chicken noodle soup, then braces should not stop you from slurping them.

This is by no means a complete list of meals you can have. We strongly encourage you to talk with Dr. Constance Brown, our orthodontists, for more information foods you can eat.

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