Common Teeth Whitening Systems

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As with many forms of dental treatment, teeth whitening systems are designed to improve your smile. However, teeth whiteners focus less on your oral health and more on improving the visual aesthetics of your smile. With an effective tooth whitener, you can rest assured that deep stains and discolorations will be dealt with in one of the best ways possible.

There are three main types of teeth whitener: at-home whitening systems given by your dentist, over-the-counter and store-bought whitening systems, and professional teeth whitening systems. At-home whitening systems are applied directly at home via kits given by your dentist. These are highly effective at providing touch ups and hitting problematic areas that are newly stained or discolored. At-home kits given by your dentist for at-home use are considered safe and more effective than store-bought versions. Although store-bought versions can be useful, they remain unregulated and can potentially lead to bleached gums and weakened tooth enamel.

The highest form of tooth whitener is a professional system directly applied by your dentist in their office. With a single professional whitening, it is possible to whiten your teeth by up to ten shades. The products used are guaranteed to be safe and effective for your smile. Please visit your local dentist if you are interested in teeth whitening.